Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wabbit found.

"Finish What Ya Started (Extended Remix)" - Van Halen

After quite a long search I finally was able to obtain this. Not like the Ark of the Covenant, sure. But something I've been looking to get for quite some time. I heard this remix in it's single edited form once on a local radio station when the song was charting in 1988. I think that mix is available on a cd-3 release but as of this writing I don't have confirmation. Not only did I get the remix, I got the extended one. I stumbled upon a Van Halen bootleg site and this song was on disc 3 of a boxed set called, "Looney Tunes Merrie Melodies: The Unreleased". Here's a track listing and more info on the set: http://www.vhboots.com/unreleased.html . If you check the liner notes on this mix it says: "This extended remix of the OU812 classic is rumored to have been released to one California-based radio station back in 1988 to test the reception of "pop-oriented" Van Halen music by rock radio listeners." This sounds like it was recorded off that California station also, but beggars can't be choosers. It's not terrible but I'll keep looking for a better quality version. For the record let me state that I don't hate Sammy's time with Van Halen. I just prefer the Roth era. Enough jibba jabba. Enjoy the track. Runs 6:47.





MixerEDW said...

You know, I think I heard this version before. (Growing up in CA makes me wonder where it was played...) I remember when I bought the album I was a little disappointed...Sammy Hagar was never my thing. Thanks for posting it!

System Rocker said...

Hey, I've added you at http://rockshot.eu/
I hope you want to link back

Uncle Mike said...

system rocker: Thanks for the link and I've added you also.

mixeredw: Wish I knew what station it was on as well and my pleasure.

System Rocker said...

Thanks :)

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