Monday, February 11, 2008

(Uncle) Mike + Today. Yeah. It's corny.

"All I Need Is A Miracle (Remix)" - Mike + The Mechanics

...or what Genesis' Mike Rutherford did on his day off. Paul Carrack (of bands Squeeze and Ace fame), and Paul Young shared vocals for The Mechanics. Not that Paul Young. The other one from the group Sad Cafe. He died in 2000 of a heart attack. A great singer in his own right and a loss to the recording world. The rest of the band consisted of Adrian Lee on keyboards and drummer Peter Van Hooke. Lee previously had worked for Cliff Richard and has more recently composed the scores for Antoine Fuqua's, "Training Day", and Jackie Chan's, "The Medallion". Van Hooke played for another of my favorite artists and fellow Van, Van Morrison. Truly a star-studded band and this song reached number 5 on the Hot 100 in 1986. The remix runs 6:33.

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