Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Undercover Of The Night (Extended Cheeky Mix)" - The Rolling Stones

Sex, corruption and suicide all rolled up in a remixed 6 minutes and 29 seconds. ""I think it's really good but it wasn't particularly successful at the time because songs that deal overtly with politics never are that successful, for some reason." - Mick Jagger. He wrote this song mainly about the political corruption in South and Central America . The video portrays Jagger as a kidnap victim to Keith Richards' gang who eventually gets shot. Given all the troubles the band reportedly had at this time, I bet ol' Keith enjoyed that quite a bit. Seems he had just kind of awakened from a drug-induced walking coma of sorts and began pushing for more control of the band. Apocolypse Whenever Survivors: Keith Richards and cockroaches. It ain't pretty, but it's the facts. Real Deal: I love The Stones and you should too.

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