Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Heart And Soul (Dance Mix)" - T'Pau

From the LP, "Bridge Of Spies", ("T'Pau" here in the USA) circa 1987. Vocalist Carol Decker led this band to a number 4 smash that year with this track. T'Pau: high-priestess on Star Trek and namesake of the band. The group split up in 1991 and reformed 7 years later featuring Decker and a new line-up. They continue to perform and record to this day. Noteworthy: The 45-single of "Heart And Soul" was an edit of the album, cutting to the chorus after the line, "when I lost your love, heart and soul", in the first verse. Running Time: 5:51.
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私が告白した:私は利用された said...

Uncle Mike - you made my day again with this classic from '87! Love it! The Extended Version that I have is different from this Dance Mix! Love it still! I recall T'Pau has another huge hit in the UK with China In Your Hand. I do not think there is an extended or remixed version released as a single though. Thanks for this version!

Dave said...

This was the best mix of Heart and Soul. There were others, but this one was CLASSIC! Thanks 1000000 times!

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