Friday, February 15, 2008

There is the sun and moon.

"Moonlighting (Extended Remix)" - Al Jarreau

Ah! The Blue Moon Detective Agency. The first 3 seasons are some of the finest television you'll ever see. Groundbreaking, witty, and a fantastic spoof of the detective genre. In all, it ran for 5 season on ABC from 1985-89 producing only 66 episodes. Production problems affected this show and many reruns were shown when shows weren't completed on time. That problem was addressed with humor in many episodes. There were also the conflicts between stars Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis. Producer Jay Daniel: "Well, I was the guy that more often than not would be the one that would go into the lions den when they were having disagreements. I'd sort of be the referee, try to resolve it so that we could get back to work. So there was that side of it. Everybody knows there was friction between the two of them on the stage. In the beginning, Bruce was just a guy’s guy. Let's just say he evolved. Over the years, he went from being the crew's best friend and just being grateful for the work and all of that to realizing that he was going to be a movie star and wanting to move on. Part of that was because of his strained relationship with Cybill. That sometimes made the set a very unpleasant place to be. Cybill -- I got along with her very well at times, other times I’d have to be the one who said you have to come out of the trailer and go to work. In fairness to her, she was in the makeup chair at six thirty in the morning with pages of dialogue she hadn’t seen before, she'd work very long hours, and then be back in the makeup chair at six thirty the next morning".

The show's theme song is presented here in it's maxi-single form and was written by Jarreau, produced by Nile Rogers and recorded and mixed by James Farber. Al Jarreau is a 7 time Grammy award winner known for the scat singing which is displayed prominently at the end of this remix. I bought this an import and I don't believe it ever had a US release. Running time is 4:17.

Do bees be?


The Fiji Mermaid said...

Cool thanks for this one! I can had this to my huge collection of TV themes, as you probably noticed I enjoy those, as my recent posts would dictate.

Uncle Mike said...

My soundtrack collection has grown tremendously since I found great sites like yours too, Fiji so it's the least I can do.

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