Sunday, February 24, 2008

More EW&F solo.

"Stand By Me (Extended Dance Remix)" - Maurice White

Another side project by an Earth, Wind & Fire member during their break in the early 80's. White was the driving force behind EW&F but called the album this track came from, "a new beginning which I am now discovering." When asked if EW&F were no more he replied, "I haven’t disbanded the group. Philip Bailey hasn’t left the band. We are just in a state of mind now where we want to do solo projects. It’s just evolution." The song peaked at number 50 on the Hot 100 but was a Top 10 single on Billboard's Hot Black Singles in late 1985. Originally recorded by Ben E. King, "Stand By Me" has been remade by everyone from John Lennon to Mickey Gilley but I like this version the best. White says he recorded it to help keep classic soul songs fresh and in the spotlight. Earth, Wind & Fire reunited 2 years later and their legacy still continues today. Running time: 5:05.


私が告白した:私は利用された said...

Gosh! This is 80s flashback overload! One of the catchiest remake of the Ben E. King classic which was revitalised and returned to the chart due to the movie. This makes a Moanday good for me upon returning from work! Thank you Uncle Mike! :-))

私が告白した:私は利用された said...

I must apologise for flooding the posts, but really, the need for closure is so great for this fabulous album and the string of singles... that it would just be heaven if we can have them being uploaded here: Big Love, Everywhere, Seven Wonders (Dub Mix), Little Lies, Family Man (Extended Vocal Mix). Aargh!! Desire!!

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