Monday, February 25, 2008

The rainbow's end.

"Seven Wonders (Extended Version)" - Fleetwood Mac

Even though she spent most of the recording sessions for "Tango In The Night" in rehab, Stevie Nicks still managed to contribute this track (and two more along with her backing vocals added into others) to the 1987 LP. The band's long history of troubles continued with Lindsey Buckingham's refusal to tour for this record and departure from the group soon after recording was finished. They've since reunited more than once and their future is very uncertain depending on who you hear it from. This song reached the top 20 here in the USA in '87 and this is the John "Jellybean" Benitez remix. Runs:6:36.


私が告白した:私は利用された said...

Uncle Mike - I just cannot believe my eyes! This is true good to be true! Insofar I only have the 12" extended mix of Little Lies from the Tango In The Night album. The CD single of Seven Wonders does not feature the mixes on the 12" maxi single - what a shame! I would be beyond ecstasy if you happen to have Big Love too - the debut single taken from the TITN album and introduced me to the heavenly harmony wonders of Fleetwood Mac! Thank you SOOOOOOO MUUUUUCH!

Juba_San said...

One of the best extended mixes from the 80's, "Seven Wonders" is my favorite track from TANGO IN THE NIGHT. Not only it's a great song, but it beats the extended versions for "Little Lies" and "Big Love" quite easily.
Great song, indeed. All the best from Brazil...

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