Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"It's like taking nose candy off a baby."

"Miami Vice Theme (Extended Remix)" and
"Crockett's Theme (Extended Mix)" - Jan Hammer

As you can tell from my previous posts, I'm a Viceaholic. The cars. The clothes (yes, there was a time they were in fashion). The sunglasses. The music. Everything about the show screamed cool. The scripts weren't always the greatest but Jan Hammer always kept the mood going and you felt every minute of it. Hammer composed the series' score for the first 4 seasons but declined to do the 5th and final one. Tim Truman stepped into some big shoes that year and opinions on his work in the series vary. I enjoyed it but we're not here to talk about Truman ( ) today. The "Miami Vice Theme" hit the Billboard Charts in 1985 going all the way to #1. The soundtrack did the same on the LP charts and held the record for the most successful TV soundtrack in history until it was dethroned last year by "High School Musical". The theme was extended to almost 3 minutes for the 45/radio version and this obviously is the longer mix of that running 6:54. "Crockett's Theme" debuted on the show during the episode, "Calderone's Return" and has since been covered many, many times by various artists but nobody does it like Jan. It's mix runs 5:52.

"Miami Vice Theme (Extended Remix)":

"Crockett's Theme (Extended Mix)": (Thanks to cispas for this high-quality version of "Crockett's")

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