Monday, January 7, 2008

This gun's for hire, even if we're just running up that hill...

"Dancing In the Dark (Blaster Mix) " - Bruce Springsteen

"Arthur Baker remixed DANCING IN THE DARK at The Power Station, New York City, NY. He told the Los Angeles Times, "When I first heard 'Dancing' I thought it was a great song, but I thought something was missing in the record. I thought it was real one-dimensional -- very straight, especially the bass line. I tried to give the record more dimension. I wanted to make it more like Bruce's old stuff -- what I remember 'Born to Run' was like -- with the fuller sound and the bells." Baker deconstructed the song, the rhythm tracks with synthesized drums and new bass lines, adding female backing vocals, chimes, and reverb..."

Yeah. It kicks ass.

"Running Up That Hill (Extended Version)" - Kate Bush

This was the first song I ever heard by Madame Bush and still my favorite. I have a live version featuring David Gilmour on lead guitar from "The Secret Policeman's Ball" benefit concert that I'll try to find at another date to post here as well.

Good remix of a great song.

"When Your Heart Is Weak (Extended Remix)" - Cock Robin

Obvious jokes could be made as to the band's name but it's in reference to a 17th century story entitled "The Marriage of Cock Robin and Jenny Wren". What-evah. France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands were all more kind to this band than the good old U.S. of A.

I really dug this song in '85 and I still do. Simply overjoyed when I discovered the 12" single at my local Peaches waaaayy back. Peter Kingsbery sounds like a cross between Bob Dylan ( the huhh-huyuh's he does in this) and Bryan Ferry. It works.


Logan said...

thank you for the goodies uncle Mike:) I will be a devoted reader:)

Uncle Mike said...

Thank you logan!

Monty said...

Great song, still have 7". Helped me get laid at least once.

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