Sunday, January 20, 2008

There's a change...

"Along Comes A Woman (Dance Mix)" - Chicago

Okay. I heard this mix one time on a local radio station and never heard it again. Over a decade later I saw the maxi-single up for grabs on ebay. I lost. Searched high and low ever since. No luck. I go onto the Born Again 80's Forum ( ) for the very first time. Ask about it. Within a couple hours it's uploaded for me by a user there named musicman2. How cool is that?

The 7" single remix for this song cut the second verse. It's back in this version. These next 2 also came from the forum and I never even knew they existed.

"Don't Dream It's Over (Extended Mix)" - Crowded House
The #2 smash from 1987 has an extended mix. Took me 21 years to discover that.

"Midnight Blue (Extended Remix)" - Lou Gramm
Gramm's on-again, off-again relationship that continues to this day with Foreigner began here. This made it into the top-5 in '87 also. I'm loving this version.
Trying something new to offer more download options for you good folks. Here's the standard zshare link: 
Uploaded to a new link 4/21/10


napsmear said...

was lookin for that crowded house extended....thanks much.....linked ya

WVKayaker said...

Hi, So many cool songs to download. Thanks,
Am I missing the link for Crowded House?

WVKayaker said...

It's included here

cispas said...

Hi there,
Remember me?
I helped you out a while back with the "Crockett's Theme" mp3.
Need some help myself...
I'm looking for a high quality mp3 of the Extended Version of Lou Gramm's Midnight Blue.
Apparently you uploaded it here, but the link's dead...
Can you help me?
Thanks in advance!!!!

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