Thursday, January 3, 2008

One that won't make me nervous...

From the good old days when a remix was more than just letting some rapper add a new verse or sticking generic Housebeat #23 on it.
Here's 3 more today, starting with:

"I Want A New Drug (Special Edition Dance Mix)" - Huey Lewis & The News

From "Sports". The album that made them a lot of money. The single version (which also differed from the LP version) reached number 6 on the US charts back in 1984.

"Go Insane (Dance Mix, AKA The Endless Mix)" - Lindsey Buckingham

Top 20 hit for the member of Fleetwood Mac in '84. The regular cut of this song was featured in the Miami Vice episode, "The Great McCarthy".

"Go Home (Special 12 Inch Version)" - Stevie Wonder

This one just screams the 80's. Personal favorite. From 1985's, "In Square Circle".



Evan said...

Wow! This is some really awesome stuuf youve got! Your blog seems to have a great start and I cant wait to see what other suprises you have in the future!


Uncle Mike said...

Thank you for the kind words! My only regret is that I can't post daily. I checked out your page and you have some really cool stuff too. Added you also to my links.

Vinnie Rattolle said...

Hey Uncle Mike, I can't find "Toys" (I think I lost the mp3s in a harddrive crash & the cassette's probably buried in storage), but I did find the "Night Shift" soundtrack that I promised ya:

Uncle Mike said...

Vinnie! Downloading it now and don't worry about the Toys soundtrack. I'll come across it somewhere. thanks a ton for Night Shift!

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