Thursday, January 24, 2008

Double Dose DeBarge

"Talk To Me (Extended Remix)" - Chico DeBarge
"Who's Johnny [Short Circuit Theme] (Extended Remix)" - El DeBarge

After DeBarge released a greatest hits album in '86, El split for a solo career. "Who's Johnny" is the sum total success of that endeavor. Last year he was arrested on domestic violence charges and stayed in jail due to numerous outstanding warrants for drugs, vandalism, and driving with a suspended license. No bail for El. Who the hell is El? Hand him the "I wanted a solo career but all I got was this lousy prison cell" shirt.

Chico, while never a member of the family band, was not arrested last year. No, no. He was arrested twenty years ago. look at the pics of both these guys before I say it...drug charges. Can you see these guys slingin' on the corner? Finally, ol' Chico is a deadbeat dad who doesn't pay his child support according to his soon to be ex-wife. "Talk To Me" reached the top 20 in February of 1987 while I believe Chico heard that lonesome whistle blowin' in the pen.


Apologies for today's update not being a trio, but I'm working on a new banner for this page and another blog that I hope to open soon, also music-related (Details later) .

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