Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bullets on a hot tin roof.

"Wild Horses (Extended Remix)" - Gino Vannelli
You probably know him for his bigger hits like Living Inside Myself and I Just Wanna Stop as opposed to this #55 track from 1987. It did crack the Top 40 on the Adult Contemporary chart though and won Gino and his brother Joe a Juno award for recording engineer of the year. Joe+Gino=Juno. Oh, that was bad. It's not a remake of a Stones track either. The way he talks about trucks, the wind whistlin' and spittin' you'd think it was a country song. Wild Horses was taken from the LP, Big Dreamers Never Sleep. Narcoleptics and readers of my blog don't have this problem though. 2 updates in as many days? I know. Don't get used to it. TT:6:11@320 kbs.


私が告白した:私は利用された said...

I do not know much of Gino Vanilli but this song 'Wild Horses' it is one of those tunes which I have been carrying in my head since I first heard it on the radio! Thank you SO MUCH for uploading this! Muah!

Uncle Mike said...

You're welcome, I've always thought it deserved better attention than it ever received too.

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