Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rom's In Spaceee-suh!

Rom Spaceknight #67-72
All by Bill Mantlo and Steve Ditko.
Rom #67: What does a warrior do without a war? Go 56 light years into space to some other freaky ass planet and get in a fight with something that looks like Godzilla's little brother of course. The quest for Rom's fellow Spaceknights begins! It's time for them all to reclaim their humanity. Rom's war with the Wraiths ending was kinda like Moonlighting's David And Maddie kissing. The end was near.
Rom #68: Rom meets with a bunch of star trekkers trying to return home and fights something called Automata and it's robot army.
Rom #69: A living planet with a big "Ego"? The Wraiths and 2 fellow Spaceknights pop up again in a surprising way.
Rom #70: More wraiths out of their element, alien planet. Pattern?
Rom #71: Raak the breaker! Vola the trapper! Never saw a spaceknight named Tom or Jim did you? The Raak says know your role.
Rom #72: Secret Wars 2 crossover. The original Secret Wars was about a mega-powered being called The Beyonder who kidnapped the best of Earth's heroes and villains and made them fight each other for his jollies on some faraway planet. Rick Jones and Brandy Clark take the spotlight for this ish. Apparently godlike beings from other planets also enjoy Jheri Curl. And what's up with that Captain EO outfit?

Download #67-69
Download #70-72

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