Thursday, February 25, 2010

Show Me The Way To Go Home.

Rom Spaceknight Annual #4 & #73-75
Rom Annual #4  -  Mantlo/Ditko. The Shi'Ar (an alien race brought to prominence during the Chris Claremont & John Byrne years of Uncanny X-Men) encounter one of Rom's fellow Spaceknights, Pulsar, which leads one of their doctors to transform himself into a cyborg. Look for Gladiator and the rest of the Imperial Guard in this double-sized issue. Rom and his pal's quest to return home ends here too.
Rom #73 - Mantlo/Ditko. The Beyonder makes good on his promise to send Brandy Clark to Galador to be reunited with Rom. Needless to say, it's not as easy as all that. There's a civil war going on and Rom's dream to return to his human form is in serious jeopardy.
Rom #74
- Mantlo/Ditko with inks/finishes by John Byrne! The war on Galdor continues! The humans are dead! Finally, robotic beings rule the world! Now it's Spaceknight vs. Spaceknight for the future of a planet! What's with all the exclamation points!? Why did I rip off Flight Of The Conchords!? Robo-boogie!
Rom #75 (final issue)
- Mantlo/Ditko. Legendary Spaceknight Dominor against Rom in a death-duel. Winner takes all. Dominor also wants Brandy to be his "mate" should he win. Rom's all, "You can't see me!", and Dominor's all, "Time to play the game!". There's no steel cages or lumberjacks in this match though.  After all that there's the obligatory happy ending to wrap up this series and today's update.
Download Annual #4 & #73
 Download #74 & 75

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