Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Do ya think he's randy?

"Passion (12" Mix)" - Rod Stewart
November of 1980 saw the debut of Stewart's tenth solo album, Foolish Behaviour (you'll note the British spelling since Rod is, in fact, British). This song was the first release from that album, making it all the way to #5 here in the USA and I've always liked it the most-est. In the LP's liner notes Rod lovingly attached this note:
This album is dedicated to the following personages:
All those who engage in a little foolish behaviour of a Friday night, All those who enjoy a good laugh and a drink, Those who don’t take life seriously, Scottish Football Supporters wherever they are, Tom Dowd, My band & last but not least, my Offsprings!
GOD BLESS THEM AND THEIR BICYCLE CLIPS. P.S. - All you wankers out there who hate me for the fact that I will later in my life marry 2 (that's right TWO) supermodels as well as have a 7 year relationship with another can piss right off!
Er...okay. He might not have written the P.S. part. Yeah. That was me. But he would have said it. Had he known. Rod injects ya with some extended Passion for a running time of 8:09@320 kbs below. Heh-heh.

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