Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am Jack's smirking....not that Ed Norton. Sorry.

"Honeymooners Rap" - Joe Piscopo & Eddie Murphy
Hope everyone had happy holidays! In 1985 Piscopo released the comedy album New Jersey (Bon Jovi had the same idea in '88) and this track was included as part of it. He and Murphy recorded the song during their Saturday Night Live days over at NBC. A lot of people think SNL went into the toilet after the original Not Ready For Prime-Time Players left but I disagree. Piscopo and Murphy were always must-see TV to me. Frank Sinatra even personally endorsed Joe Piscopo's impersonation of him and called him the Vice-Chairman Of The Board. Here's the tracklisting with Joe playing the role of Ralph Kramden to Murphy's Ed Norton of the classic Honeymooners TV show @320 kbs:
1 Honeymooners Rap (Captain Video Version)
2.Honeymooners Rap (King Of The Case)
3.Honeymooners Rap (Single Version)

P.S.- Anyone happen to have the New Jersey LP?

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