Monday, January 11, 2010

Rom's Total War!

Rom Spaceknight #49-55
Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema's classic Marvel comic book from the 80's continues with this latest batch for you kind readers. The Dire Wraiths have now stepped up their game in their evil plan to take over the Earth like all good evil aliens tend to do. Issue 50 is a double-sized affair pitting Wraiths against Skrulls and finds Rom fretting over the love of his life's lost humanity since her transformation into Starshine. All that leads to #51's press conference in which Rom challenges the people of Earth to join the fight against rust the Wraiths. Nick Fury brings SHIELD into the battle beginning with issue 52 (check out the Bill Sienkiewicz cover above) and Dr.Strange shows up again in #54 screaming about the Hoary Host Of Haggath or some hoary crap. All this plus you get to see Rick Jones become yet another sidekick to yet another hero in the Marvel Universe, although this time he has cancer. The issues from here to the finale in #75 are my favorites of the series.

Download #52-55
Download Comical to read the comics after .rar extraction

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