Saturday, January 23, 2010

Knew mootants.

Rom Annual #3 & Bonuses
Again with the bonus stuff. Included in this pack are two issues of The Uncanny X-Men, by Chris Claremont and John Romita, Jr.(2nd best team ever on Uncanny), #187 and 188. They feature the Wraiths as the main baddies right after Storm lost her mutant powers due to Forge's mutant-powersapping thingamadoo. Forge created that gun, because he's a mutant with the ability to make pretty much anything he can dream of, and it took Storm's weather altering powers away and she falls in love with the guy. That's a very condensed version of the events but ain't that typical love? Over in Rom Annual #3, by Bill Mantlo and William Johnson, the Wraiths are holding a bunch of kids at a preschool hostage and Rom and Starshine arrive on the scene. Look for the guest-appearances by Professor Charles Xavier and his New Mutants in this "ish" too.
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