Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random Ol' Memory?

Rom: Spaceknight #6 - 12                            Here's the next batch of issues from Marvel's Rom series. Bill Mantlo wrote the entire series and the artist on these six issues is Sal Buscema. Buscema first began working in comics in 1968 as inker to his older brother John's pencils on The Avengers and Silver Surfer. Before long Sal was doing his own pencil and ink work on Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and the Defenders. Bill Mantlo started out as a colorist at Marvel Comics before he became their go to guy for "fill-in" issues. A "fill-in" was a story that was published in the event that a series' regularly planned issue was interrupted by a missed deadline. By the time the 70's were over Mantlo had written stories for nearly every Marvel series. Not long after Rom ended he stopped writing comics full-time. He enrolled in law school  and became a Legal Aid Society public defender in New York City by the late 80's. Sadly, in 1992 while rollerblading, he was the victim of an automobile hit-and-run. The driver has never been identified. He will probably never recover and has been institutionalized ever since.
Issue #12 features Jack Of Hearts, a really interesting Marvel character that started out as a villain but under Iron Man Tony Stark's tutelage became one of the good guys. Check out that awesome cover to #8 by Michael Golden above.                                               

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