Friday, November 13, 2009

Luke Cage, Wraith Killer.

Rom: Spaceknight #21-23 + Power Man & Iron Fist #73 
 Issue 21 starts a two-parter and features the return of Brock Jones aka The Torpedo, who finds out (minor spoiler) the Wraiths had a hand in the creation of his battlesuit.
The Heroes For Hire duo Cage and Fist also show up to help Rom in today's batch of comics too. There's cameos by a lot of other Marvel heroes as well during another two-part story that begins in Power Man & Iron Fist #73 and concludes in Rom #23. The Saga Of The Spaceknights secondary story concludes during all this too. Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema continue to do the story and art in Rom's title. The Power Man & Iron Fist book included here was written by Mary Jo Duffy and drawn by Greg LaRocque. Duffy was the former editor of the Rom comic (on the first 17 issues) and went on to also write Star Wars, Conan The Barbarian and Wolverine during her time at Marvel. LaRocque is probably most famous for his run with Mark Waid on DC Comics' Flash in the 90's.

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