Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don't you look seedy.

"Let's Work (Dance Mix)" - Mick Jagger                  1987 brought the second solo album from the Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger titled Primitive Cool. The controversy surrounding the LP was anything but cool.  Jagger and Stones' lead guitarist/songwriter Keith Richards were in the middle of a very public verbal war. It all started after Jagger refused to tour behind the Rolling Stones' 1986 LP, Dirty Work, in favor of  working on this solo record. Richards was evidently pissed to the highest level of pisstivity and told anyone and everyone who would listen in the media. In response Mick wrote 2 songs on Cool dedicated to Richards: Kow Tow (with lyrics like I don't want you, I don't need you, I won't bow down, I won't kow tow), and Shoot Off Your Mouth (But now I'm back in town and feeling mighty fit,  I'm sick and tired of eating all your chicken shit). Neither song painting Richards in a good light obviously. Dave Stewart produced and Jeff Beck played lead guitar on the LP but it still was universally considered a flop. So much so that Jagger didn't even bother to tour in the USA or the UK for it, opting instead for Japan and Australia only. We all know how the whole Richards and Jagger love/hate thing goes.
This remix was done by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero, who have done many, many such mixes for the likes of Tears For Fears, Madonna and Pat Benatar. Running time of 7:20. Back in the next few days with more Rom comics. No sittin' down on ya butt!

"Let's Work (Dance Mix)" Download - Sharebee

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"Kow Tow" Download 

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