Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Rom: Spaceknight #13-20

"Battlin'" Bill Mantlo and "Snazzy" Sal Buscema bring the spectacular Spaceknight to you again! Pretty good Stan Lee huh? No? Those of you who are alert (and by that I mean not stoned) will recognize Marvel's merry mutants (Must...stop...Stan-Leeing) with Rom on the cover to #17. Yep, the X-Men turn up for a couple issues in this next batch of Romics. There's also Fantastic Four baddie The Mad Thinker, the Space Phantom and the debut of recurring villain Hybrid. But wait there's more: the backup story "Saga Of The Spaceknights" revealing some of Rom's life before he came to Earth begins here. A couple of his fellow 'knights show up on Earth in #20, but are they friend or foe True Believers?!? Okay. I'm done. Enjoy.

Download Comical (You'll need it to open the .cbr files)

Download Rom #13-20 (2shared)

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