Friday, March 26, 2010

Two dollars.

"Best Adventures (Remix)" - Thinkman 
Long time between updates, I know. Rupert Hine tried to pull a Milli Vanilli back in 1986. Thinkman was a "virtual band" with hired actors as band members on live performances. Hine was mostly known as a successful music producer, having worked with the likes of Jon Pertwee (the 3rd Doctor Who, track that song down for a snicker), Tina Turner, Howard Jones and The Fixx. The critics were very negative to his solo recording efforts so he decided to have a laugh at them by forming this faux group. Best Adventures is probably the best Fixx song they never recorded and is from the Thinkman's debut album, The Formula. Miami Vice plug #999: Featured in the 3rd season episode Red Tape, guest-starring Lou-Diamond Philips and Viggo Mortensen.  Hine also happened to write and produce most of the soundtrack to the 80's movie classic Better Off Dead, starring John Cusack. 8:58 @ 320 kbs.

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