Monday, March 15, 2010

Burning white heat.

"Rain In The Summertime (Through The Haze Mix)" - The Alarm
Flashback to 1987 for The Alarm's 3rd studio album and dig today's meager offering to you and yours. Also available: The Lightning Mix. Both of these mixes were done by Steve Thompson for those keeping score, running 8:05 and 7:14 @ 320 kbs. The band is from North Wales and formed in the 70's. Less yapping = more downloading.


J Koo said...

I saw the title of this post, and immediately knew what it was going to be about. Awesome!

docomospur said...

Thanks for sharing this! I've heard the Through The Haze mix but not the Lightning Mix. Unfortunately, there's a skip at about 2:13 into the Lightning Mix :-(

Uncle Mike said...

I'm trying to get better at answering my comments.

J Koo - Thanks, glad you enjoyed.

docomospur - I knew about the skip and forget to include it in my blog post as I was in a rush (as usual,lol). I apologize to you and everyone else out there who downloaded it. I don't remember where I even got that version honestly and haven't seen it anywhere since. Perhaps someone else out there has a skip-free version of the Lightning Mix?

docomospur said...

Last thing you need to do is apologize, Mike! I think I'm still a bit partial to the Through The Haze Mix :-)

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