Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Silly Love Songs

"Your Wildest Dreams (LP Version) & "I Know You're Out There Somewhere (Remix)" - Moody Blues
Rarely does a song get a sequel, but such is the case here with this 1988 Moody Blues song. Your Wildest Dreams was a #9 hit for the band in '86 and told of a man's remembrance of his first love and wondering if she ever thought of him. In the latter song he says,"Wait a minute! I still got the hots for this chick!", and vows to find her. Sappy. Hollywood. Blah. But I still like the songs. This is the full album version of I Know You're Out There Somewhere that ended up as many a 12" single and labeled as a remix. The song reached #30 on the Hot 100 here in the USA and #50 in the UK. Your Wildest Dreams was edited down for radio by about a minute or so from this LP version. Next update: more Rom.
I Know You're Out There Somewhere (Remix) 6:38
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Your Wildest Dreams 4:52

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私が告白した:私は利用された said...

I love this two songs! My Senior High years were great to be annotated by some of the best tunes in the charts! Love them all! Thanks for this upload! YOUR WILDEST DREAMS is such a melodious haunting tune that one would not forget it after listening to it. ~ chwee (Singapore)

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