Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A tale of two singers.

"State Of Shock (Dance Mix)" - The Jacksons (w/Mick Jagger)
"State Of Shock (Demo)" - Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury

Jermaine returned to the Jacksons for their 5th CBS LP, "Victory". They had previously dropped the "5" from the band's moniker upon leaving Motown Records for label CBS in 1976. "State Of Shock" was originally recorded by Michael with Queen frontman Freddie Mercury but re-recorded with The Rolling Stones' Jagger and released as a single in 1984. It was to be the Jacksons' last top-10 single, reaching #3. I have no idea why the singer switch occurred, but here are both versions. It's interesting to note that the music and lyrics in both takes are almost identical. The mix lasts 5:41 and the demo's total time is 4:43. I made that whole post without taking one swipe at Jackson's legal troubles and personal life in recent years. Yay.
Dance Mix


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Steve Marine said...

OMG! Thank you! I love this song. I've been watching (& ENJOYING) your site for a few weeks now, but have yet to post. Therefore, I should take this opportunity to thank your for your site. I've been really getting back into 80's music again and this site has been amazing at reintroducing me to a lot of cool stuff. Thanks!!!

Uncle Mike said...

Steve, I thank you for the compliments.

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