Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cream Of Nowhere

Back from the world wide web graveyard at last! I have returned! Is anyone still here? So I couldn't resist the urge to come back here and post a few frightening cuts from some scary 80's artists (Robert Smith, I'm looking at you).

First up: The Cure - A Forest (Tree Mix)

The Cure's first and only single from 1980's Seventeen Seconds. Also the creepiest of all of their catalog as as far as I'm concerned. I'm also cheating a little bit because this mix was released by The Cure on 1990's Mixed Up (an album of galdanged ol' remixes) as opposed to being a 'fugee from the Eighties. Did I just type galdanged? This mix paints a dark, dreary landscape for me each time I listen to it probably due to the mood of being swept up in David Lynch's Twin Peaks on ABC at the time. Wow Bob Wow.
Download here

The Cramps - Surfin' Dead

Ah, my favorite brain soup. Recorded for the soundtrack to The Return Of The Living Dead in 1985 by the horror-punk band The Cramps. Not much to say except love the movie, the song and the band. Send more paramedics!
"Now life is short and it's filled with stuff
So let me know baby when you've had enough
Oh do the dead, turn blue
Yeah the surfin' dead, as dead as you
There's nothing on the radio when you're dead
There's nothing at the movie show when you're dead
There's nowhere left for you to go when you're dead
Do the dead, yeah do the dead"
Download here

Thanks to everyone who continued to visit this blog long after it looked like it was dead. I'm still here and hopefully we can get back on track. Have a fantastic (and by fantastic I mean dark and gloomy) Halloween!


RokyManson said...

Welcome back, and thank you!

richard said...

Welcome back!!!!! yay!!!

Kevin said...

Been looking for ROTLD soundtrack for a while- Thanks.

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